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Barrel to Biodiesel

From Barrel to Biodiesel

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is an excellent source to make biodiesel of. Many organisations like restaurants and foodprocessingcompanies have it available as waste. By making biodiesel out of UCO this fat obtains a second life. It becomes a second generation bio-fuel!

Second generation bio fuels have more environmental advantages then ' normal' biofuels.

Because we are convinced of the many advantages this biofuel, we developed this new product: BTB-concept. We offer the full process of collecting the UCO to producing biodiesel.

For every step in the process, Solarix developed a smart solution.

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The process:  

Used cooking oil (UCO)

Our installations process used cooking oil on a daily basis. Depending on the quality of the input, the output can meet the EN 14214. The biodiesel produced can be used for you own fleet of Vehicles - blended or unblended - or can be sold on the open market.


Collecting, discharging and cleaning system

We offer one day-s training about logistics, hardware and quality requirements. 

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SX- Biodieselprocessor Solarix

The SX-range has especially developt by our experts to process used cooking oils and animal fat. Therefore our installations are multi feed stock. 

The smart tec biodiesel installations are very efficient en easy to operate. The Sx-installation secure long time performance.

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                              Biodiesel EN 141214

We supply a complete system for the production of biodiesel according to the norm. Depending on the quality of your feedstock this can include additional pre-treatment or custom made solutions for specific impurities or specific oil characteristics.   

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